Where’s the (Hida) Beef?

Where’s the (Hida) Beef?

So while in Takayama, we were told that the Hida beef was a “not to be missed” – and that some of the best available was at the Hotel Associa, outside of town, either at the regular kaiseki or at the Teppanyaki restaurant.  We hauled ourselves out there and sure enough, in addition to the great beef, we were also treated to the “meditation of the chef”.  One of the cultural wonders of Japan is the reverence with which so many people approach their craft, whether it’s the traditional arts or the art of service.  The care, temperance and almost wonder with which our chef prepared our dinner in front of us was somewhat of a spiritual experience.  Each course was perfectly cooked before us with a delicate hand and a watchful eye.   It’s almost hard to explain the essence of the experience, which involved not just the taste of the food, but the mastery with which it was prepared and presented.  The meal included several courses, but the final presentation of a perfectly cooked steak of hida beef is a not-to-be missed experience.   Warning – this stuff is not for the cholesterally challenged!!    Here’s a picture of David warming up for the feast.


David checks out the sake menu at Hotel Associa Takayama Teppanyaki Restaurant

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