What’s with the No Chocolate Ice Cream?

OK, I can now say, without qualification, that it is impossible to find Haagen Daz Chocolate Chocolate-Chip ice cream in Japan.   This is too bad for the chocoholic, ice-cream addicted traveler who is jonesing for a fix.

Here’s where we tried:  every 7-11 we could find, every Lawson’s we could find, every grocery store that we could identify as a grocery store, the Daimaru, Takashimaya and even the Haagen Daz shop on Kawaramachi-dori  in Kyoto.   None. Nada. Keine.  and, of course, Betsu.

We also found every OTHER odd-ball flavor of Haagen-Daz – green tea (of course), Azuji bean (see future posting on this very fine sweet), the god-awful Milk Tea (which did NOT taste like a good ‘cuppa’ at all),  Bitter Caramel,  Mango and “Rich Milk” (whatever that is).

Just for emergency support -we went with some Godiva Chocolate ice cream purchased at a high end department store at great expense.  I think it cost $10 for two small cuplettes. But at least they gave us two of those “freezy things” they put in bags of food to keep it fresh until you get it home.

We figured we had to wait until we hit the Haagen-Daz stand at DFW airport on the way home.  BUT NO!  Not for the addict – it was Thanksgiving day and even it was closed!   Then, when we got home, the grocery was already closed in 24-7 Las Vegas.  So we tried the 7-11 and the Walgreens.    They didn’t have any either.   We finally wound up buying some plain chocolate ice cream and chipping up a Giardelli 72% chocolate bar to add to it.  This is desperation.

Twenty one days after the last fix we finally rounded up some of the real thing!  Ah….

So, if you are a chocolate afficionado (OK, addict is a better term), you might want to consider bringing your own, or else be prepared to pay – big time.

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