Travel to Beloved Japan

Travel to Beloved Japan

Right now we have been receiving outpourings of support for all of our colleagues and friends throughout Japan.  There are challenges to be faced in the north with the devastation from the earthquake, tsunami and reactor situation.  In the south, the Japanese are activity supporting their beleaguered friends and families to the north.   While travel to Japan in normal times is an opportunity to experience a culture first hand, we find comfort in knowing that the world is having an opportunity to see the Japan we know and love from afar right now.  The amazing resiliency and steadfastness of the Japanese cannot be underestimated.   They are already moving into an incredibly high level of societal support.   The people throughout the country are reducing their power usage to free up resources for those in need.   They are seeking out the help needed in areas where they do not have expertise and they are working within their well-formed systems to take care of each situation as it arises.    Each individual knows, at a deep level, how he or she can contribute to the needs at hand and takes action – whether it is by going about their jobs, waiting patiently in situations that would frustrate a westerner in short order or by gently bowing to the reality of what has occurred.

The purpose of this blog has always been to bring forward the opportunities that travel to Japan affords for those willing to let go of their preconceptions and reach out to find out more about this unique culture.    We know that the people of Japan will recover and we are proud that we are able to contribute to them by encouraging you to visit, to learn and to encounter what is so special about the Land of the Rising Sun.

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