Tokyo vs. the World – Radiation Reports

Tokyo vs. the World – Radiation Reports

Graphically presented information is often a lot better than just the numbers.  One of the most difficult situations that the Japanese have been trying to overcome is the perception that the entire country is living in a cloud of radiation (with Godzilla running through the streets we guess).   We were recently forwarded this graph showing the different levels of radiation on a given day in major cities around the world.   Note where Tokyo is falling…   below New York, Hong Kong and Berlin.   I investigated the source of the data, just in case you want to know.  It’s JNTO, the Japanese National Tourist Organization.  And they specifically listed each source for the various cities in a comprehensive list here, including the New York source, which is a streaming detector that you can follow.   You can find the raw data here. So check out this chart, check out the data and perhaps it will help to overcome the perception of the radiation fog and convince you that Godzilla is not running amok in the streets of Tokyo (yet!).

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  1. Fujio Nakagawa says:

    Dear Elaine,
    Thank you very much for your Tokyo vs the world -Radiation Report, which is practical and useful indeed for american travellers who plan to visit Japan after the 3-11 disaster in the eastern Japan.
    Best regards,

    Fujio Nakagawa
    Kanazawa, Japan

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