Sushi Training

Sushi Training

Conveyor belt sushi in no longer a new phenomenon, but on our last trip to Kyoto we found a new twist on it at a fun place in Kyoto and a great place to take the kids. In addition to the standard conveyor belt, with the sushi on multi-colored plates based on price, this place featured a way to special order your sushi (electronic, of course!) and then it’s delivered on little Shinkansen trains (more famously known as the Bullet trains).  Here are some pictures, with guided instructions.   And just in case the kids don’t like raw fish… there are quite a few cooked items as well.   Next time you’re in Kyoto, drop in for a chance for some sushi training.

Kaiten Sushi in Kyoto

Two tiers of conveyor belts at kaiten sushi

Kaiten Order Board

Order here....

Kaiten Sushi Train

Here comes the Shinkansen...

Sushi Train

Yum!!! fresh made, delivered right to your seat and great prices to boot!

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  1. Yuki Olsen says:

    This is the funniest “kaiten” sushi!
    I am going to Kyoto and I’ll definitely find this place for my family. Oh my gosh. This is funny!!

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