Samurai, Swords and San Francisco

While you can travel through Japan with any number of themes in mind (traditional arts, manga, ceramics, contemporary arts, nature and hiking, etc), getting ready for a themed trip from the US can have its challenges. This weekend, however, I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco to attend a Samurai Symposium put on by the Society of Asian Arts at the Asian Art Museum. This was in conjunction with their visiting exhibition called Lords of the Samurai, featuring a wide variety of works from the Hosakawa collection. The symposium was great – with a lot of speakers who managed to make what could have been some pretty esoteric topics accessible to the non-expert. Topics ranged from the history of the family’s collection to how Noh drama is related to samurai culture to a demonstration of sword handling. The exhibit itself is superb – featuring a range of art and artifacts, highlighted by a superb set of samurai armor. There are a number of beautiful sword blades (note that the blades are often displayed separately from the fittings for true historic swords) ranging over a few centuries. There are battle banners, equestrian fittings, calligraphy, tea utensils, screens, sumi-e, tsuba and a wide range of items all from the collection of one family which spans several centuries. Having the opportunity to learn a little bit about some of this aspect of Japanese culture before heading off to Japan is a great way to prepare yourself for a trip and to learn more about what you’d like to focus on when you get there. The fruits of my labor are being put to use in preparing for Esprit’s new trip: In the Shadow of the Samurai, which is open to the public.

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