Off to Japan Again

I’m going to be going to Japan next week.  It’s a trip that was planned a while ago and we decided to still go after getting all the information from our friends and contacts in the places we are visiting.  It will also give me a good chance to see exactly what is going on in areas that tourists frequent – to find out if reports of power outages, food shortages, despondent natives and all the other things that rumor mills are circulating have any truth in them.  I will be traveling as the average traveler to areas unaffected by the earthquake/tsunami/reactor accident and will be blogging as I go.  I suspect the most difficult part of the trip will be finding an internet connection in a few of the places so that I can post a report.   I’m looking forward to the trip as it will take me back to some of the first places I scouted when I started working with clients directly a few years ago.  We’ll be going to Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Tokyo.  We are also going to be working in a few special events which I will be reporting on as I go – so check back for reports starting next week.

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