Off the Map

Off the Map

We usually use those small local tourist maps when getting around in new towns and cities in Japan, and they’re usually handy.  But on a trip to Koya-san we ran into an unusual problem… the city is small and the map seemed pretty good, but it turns out that with one wrong turn or misread of a path, you are quickly off the map.  And because of the scale, we didn’t realize it for quite some time.   But getting off the map can yield some great results – we found ourselves at a wonderful temple that had no visitors and was a sea of calm on a very busy holiday weekend in this mountain town.   The stillness of the late afternoon, the half-hidden temple almost overgrown with plants, the prayer papers lining the trees and the vibrant fall colors (which didn’t translate into the photos, alas) were a wonderful find.

Hidden Temple

Prayer Trees

Moss Draped Lantern

Moss Covered Lantern

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