Miyajima Boat to the Floating Torii

Miyajima Boat to the Floating Torii

Floating Torii From the Boat

Sometimes when traveling, the standard “tourist” activity turns out to be not nearly as much fun as it looks (think camel ride…).   But we stumbled on something that turned out to be a fun little activity on the island of Miyajima.   While touring there late one morning we saw a boatload of tourists being rowed towards the large red torii gate.   We took lots of pictures and videos, including the group performing the traditional ritual of bowing and clapping when appearing before a shrine.   Torii gates represent moving from the physical world to the spiritual and so the entrance to Itsukushima Shrine, via the famous “floating” torii gate can be approached on boat with the right connections.  Only the right connections turned out to be the 800 yen fare.  Walking back towards the dock we came upon the two boats, which load up with tourists and then are rowed out by two energetic rowers and a Japanese speaking guide on a microphone.  Needless to say, we didn’t understand a word of the Japanese, but it was a lovely short ride out, under and through the gate, a stop for the ritual, then a few spins around the gate and back to shore.   We even got to wear straw coolie hats to keep the sun at bay!

Approaching the Gate

Close up Art Shot

Sacred Rocks

Sacred Entrance

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