Kids in Japan – Make the Usual Unusual

I just got back from Japan and since we’re sending more and more families there, I thought I’d keep my eye out for suggestions for people traveling with kids.  If you’ve read any of the rest of the blog you may have come across my discussion about the lack of my favorite ice cream in Japan (Haagan Daz Chocolate Chocolate Chip).

But for kids of all ages in Kyoto, I like to suggest a stop into the Haagan Daz shop on Kawaramachi (south of Sanjo) to try some of the flavors that we don’t get in the US.   In addition to the Green Tea (ok, so maybe that is available in the US shops – but do they have Cookies & Green Tea?), I found these more unusual flavors this time:  Custard Pudding, Pumpkin, Salty Butter Biscuit, Alphonso Mango and Cream and, my new favorite, Cookies and Sesame cream – yum!  Of course, for those kids who’d rather go with something they know – there’s always Chocolate and Strawberry.   Only here – they’re combined into one ice cream called Chocolate Strawberry!

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