Boaring… :It’s Just Different Here

Boaring… :It’s Just Different Here

AWWWWWK, AWWWWK, AWWWWWWWWK – a high-pitched screeching blast of sound broke our hurried silence as we were rushing to get to the theater for the Kamo-odori.   I looked around to see that someone was taking their “pet” out for a “walk”.  Apparently wild boars are all the fashion – regardless of the fact that your apartment is the dead center of a busy city.   Here’s a shot that I managed to get as she tried to steer her wild boar down the street by shuffling it between her legs.  Frankly, the boar was getting away from her, screeching the entire time, and I understand from our guide that this one wasn’t even near its adult size.

Taking the Boar for a Walk in Kyoto

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