Food Excellence – Hot Chocolate

Food Excellence – Hot Chocolate

The Japanese are obsessive about food quality and one of the joys of travel in Japan is the amazingly fresh ingredients and the overall quality of the food at every level.   Simple sushi shops have fish that would command high prices in the US and obscure noodle shops in train stations can have the tastiest udon that you may have ever had.   Good food is the norm so it’s easy to come to expect it of Japanese cuisine.  But I’m a chocolate aficionado and so I’m always on the lookout for a great chocolate desert or special item.   Now leading my list for best hot chocolate in the world (a short list with some favorites from New York and Paris) is the SUPERB cup of hot cocoa prepared by the Four Seasons Marunouchi in Tokyo.   Made with Valrhona chocolate (need we say more…), it comes perfectly prepared with a selection of enhancements neatly arrayed on a tray – white chocolate curls, whipped cream and the tiniest little marshmallows ever.   Now it could be a little better if the curls were more Valrhona, I guess, but for a special treat – I always make it a point to stop into their quiet, 7th floor lounge (right next to Tokyo station) to warm up and relax whenever I’m passing through Tokyo.

Post Note:  I asked the hotel to send a picture and when they did – voila, dark chocolate curls.  Knowing the staff there, I’m sure it’s the 70% Valrhona…

Four Seasons Marunouchi Hot Chocolate

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